Summer Hall home


July 29-August 10, 2007
Potlatch, Idaho

HILL ABBEY 2007 will attempt to build on and improve what we think was done well in the summer session of 2006: our focus this year will be Athanasius. We will again meet for two weeks, with Credenda Agenda's Trinity Fest providing a change of pace in the first three days of the second week.

Hill Abbey is more like a temporary monastery than a college or summer camp. It's purpose is not "fun", although delight is one of the chief characteristics of Hill Abbey. The time is devoted to many hours of slow reading aloud together, times of private contemplation, gathering together over good food and around bonfires and under stars, and fellowship centered on one the of the great books or authors of the past. Hill Abbey is dedicated to the idea that wisdom and happiness require some times of withdrawal from the hectic pace of "normal" life for the sake of real reflection and meditation with a small group of like-minded people.


July 29-August 10 inclusive (Opening session on Sunday afternoon, July 29; last session Friday evening August 10)
The Hill, Potlatch, Idaho.
Participants must arrive on Saturday, July 28th. If flying, airport choices are Spokane (WA) International (airport code GEG), or Lewiston (ID) (airport code LWS). Please make arrangements to arrive at the airport about mid-day: between 10 AM and 5 PM.  Early afternoon is best.
Make arrangements to depart on Saturday, August 11; please try not to schedule a very early departure time. Late morning or early afternoon is best. Both airports (Spokane and Lewiston) are around an hour and a half away, so travel time from Potlatch must be taken into account as well as the hour or more you should be at the airport before your flight departs.
The Hill Abbey 2007 fee is $850. This includes transportation (to and from the airport, church, and Trinity Fest and Ball), food, housing, books and supplies, and all fees for Trinity Fest and the Ball.
Housing: All Hill Abby participants are housed right here on the Hill, and we make every effort to provide comfort and a restful environment.

What to Bring: Coming soon!

Schedule: Coming soon, but you can see last year's schedule here. This year's will be similar, with some improvements.